SQLite Managers for Mac OS #sqlitemanagers

There is growing interest in the RootsMagic user community in being able to run SQLite Tools for RootsMagic scripts under the Apple MacIntosh operating system. If RootsMagic Inc succeeds in releasing a multi-platform version, then there will undoubtedly be a surge in the number of native-Mac OS users of RootsMagic and corresponding pursuit by some of them of a good SQLite manager. Neither of the SQLIte managers currently favoured by this wiki for the Windows OS are available for the Mac OS. Moreover, the only comprehensive list of SQLite Management Tools for various operating systems has not been updated since 2011. So this page is intended to consolidate info about potential candidates for the Mac OS to parallel that for Windows on this wiki’s page SQLite Managers.

Important Criteria

Based on the experience with SQLite script development so far for RootsMagic databases, these are factors that vary from manager to manager and would, ideally, be found in one:

  • low cost
  • extension for RMNOCASE collation
  • REGEXP() function for search and filtering
  • run-time parameters for user input (RTP)
  • FTS3, FTS4 (full text search)
  • high level scripting language (Lua, Qt, Tcl, …) for custom functions, more powerful, user-friendly utilities


Criterion SQLiteStudio 3
Cost free
RMNOCASE auto substitutes NOCASE
RTP Promised for v3.1
Scripting Qt, SQL, Tcl custom functions

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