RM9 Data Dictionary

This webpage is currently serving as both a project page and as an information repository for the RM4-9 Data Dictionary spreadsheet. The consolidated spreadsheet contains database details for each Rootsmagic release starting with Version 4. Once the RM9 database details have been documented and reviewed by the community, we will update the RM4-9 spreadsheet.
RM9 Data Dictionary Project OverviewStatus: Active
Below you can view the current RM9 Database project spreadsheet.  We need your help to improve the accuracy of this document. To get started:
  1. View the current RM9 Data Definitions spreadsheet below
  2. Add comments or suggest updates:
    • Open the RM9 Google Doc link
    • Navigate to the appropriate cell
    • Right click and select the “Comment” option
RM9 Data Dictionary Project Spreadsheet
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Consolidated RM4-9 Data Dictionary
The consolidated RM4-9 Data Dictionary spreadsheet contains information about database elements from current and prior Rootsmagic releases, starting with version 4. As noted above, the main deliverable of the current project is to update this document with additional RM9 table definition details.  

Click here to open the RM4-9 spreadsheet in a new window.