What’s SQLite?

The reason you see SQLite mentioned with respect to RM is because RM’s underlying database is a relational database A relational database is updated and viewed using a sort of “programming language” called SQL. There are lots and lots of different vendors that produce and sell relational databases, and some of them are even free.

RM uses a relational database called SQLite, which is free. Some RM users write SQL “programs” which are really called queries to produce reports that are difficult to produce from within RM itself or to make updates of things in RM that are difficult to update from within RM itself. Generally speaking, the use of SQLite with RM in this manner requires a few programming skills.

Facebook comment 18 June 2019 by Jerry Bryan

Welcome to SQLite Tools for RootsMagic!

This site is intended to enhance our use of RootsMagic 4 and above with queries and reports not provided from within the program. RootsMagic versions 4 through 8 use SQLite 3 as their database engine so the .rmgc or .rmtree database files each creates are readable using third party SQLite management and development tools.

We explore collaboratively the RootsMagic 4+ databases with some of these SQLite managers and develop SQL queries that attempt to answer questions that cannot be answered or are difficult to answer using the RM application. Become a Member with full privileges to create and edit pages, discuss them, upload files, and help make our wiki better!

The site has features, such as file storage, essential to such development and which was not available from the (discontinued) RootsMagic Forums. RM administrators of the RootsMagic Users Group on Facebook and the RootsMagic Community do not encourage discussion of SQLite and it is gobbledygook to the typical RM user. This site is independent of RM Inc and its primary, if not sole, focus is on working directly on  RM databases with SQLite. All other RootsMagic topics should continue on the general sites.


  1. The content on this site is not sanctioned by RootsMagic Inc. nor will it provide any support for usage of it.
  2. The content is provided as-is; USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  3. Take safety measures when operating on your RootsMagic database with any tool that can modify data. Make a safe copy or backup first.

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