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Events – Add to all Children a Parent event shared with parents #facttypes #sharedevent #relationships #rm8

TBA: Rev 2021-03-0x above script adapted for RM8 by Tom Holden from the #RM7 script described below by the original author, Jerry Bryan. Note that the custom fact type ‘Parents’ and the role ‘Birth_of_Child’ must be created separately in advance of executing this script. This is a query I wrote just for myself and I…

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TMG-RM Fact Sentence Tweaks #tmg #facttypes #roles #events #sharedevent

After importing a TMG project, there is considerable cleanup to be done in the resulting RootsMagic database. There are differences in their respective sentence template languages that cannot translate well or could be translated better (improvement possible in the direct import process). This script addresses some of these outcomes and some unwanted artifacts that could…

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MediaTags – Copy Shared Facts Media To Sharee Personal #media #sharedevent

This script responds as a workaround to a 13 Dec 2011 wish expressed by MarkVS, that RootsMagic’s Media Album/Gallery and other Media dialog windows that show MediaTags should also show the indirect tags to shared events for the Persons having non-Principal roles, sometimes called “sharees” and the shared event in their context a “sharee event”.…

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