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Trying to find duplicate spouses

I am trying to find duplicate spousess. I created the following query: select fatherid, (select n1.surname || “, ” || n1.given from nametable n1 where fatherid = ownerid) as fathername, motherid, (select n2.surname || “, ” || n2.given from nametable n2 where motherid = ownerid) as mothername from familytable order by fatherid, motherid; 1. Should…

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Media Repair Queries #filenames #duplicates #media #links #rmnocase #delete #update

Importing and merging duplicates of persons, families, places and sources already in a database can give rise to unwanted proliferation of duplicate items in the Media Gallery and multiple links to the same media item from a person, family, event, place or source. RMGC_Properties – Query now reports the quantities of such duplicates. A problem…

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