Richard Otter Genealogy Scripts

Richard Otter is a skilled, professional developer who is also a RootsMagic user and has been building a library of scripts that are worthwhile checking out for possible solutions for your own needs. He publishes them on GitGub, list of them screenshotted below 2023-05-19. Check for updates and fuller descriptions. He has posted notices of significant ones in the Forum and, hopefully, will continue to do so.

Screen capture of scripts on May 19, 2023.

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  1. Thanks for the post.

    I want to emphasize that some of the tools in the repo, like TestExternalFiles and SwitchSourceTemplate have been polished for general use, while others work in specific circumstances and don’t have much user documentation.
    All of these tools met my specific needs. I’d be happy to help others adapt the scripts to their specific circumstances.
    Leave a comment at the Discussion tab at github

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