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TreeShare – Rename Cryptic Filenames for Citation Media #TreeShare #media #citations #batch

TreeShare downloads Ancestry media for citations with cryptic file names that mean nothing to humans. This set of scripts and batch or command-line operations prepends to the media filenames the name of one of the persons to whom the citation applies, their BirthYear-DeathYear and the name of the source cited, separated from the cryptic name…

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TMG-RootsMagic Split Citation Details #tmg #citations #sourcetemplates

RootsMagic imports TMG Citation Detail memo field into CitationTable.Fields as the field [CD] defined in the SourceTemplateTable.Fields regardless of TMG memo splitter “||”. An issue which I’m sure many will detect is that sentences for sources with split Citation Detail (CD1, CD2,..) do not contain any of the Citation Detail. The full value is…

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TreeShare – Link Pasted Ancestry Sources #ancestrycom #TreeShare #citations #sources

Facebook Discussion Forums Discussion EXPERIMENTAL When a TreeShare linked Ancestry Source is Memorised and Pasted through RootsMagic Citation Manager, the pasted source loses its TreeShare link. The TreeShare update to the Ancestry Tree creates a new Other Source rather than linking to the Ancestry Source. This script creates a TreeShare link for such pasted Ancestry…

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