Query to Search Parents by Children’s Given Names #search #family

The following script was developed in response to the discussion Search for family by given names of children (was RM-8) -- three_childrens_names.sql
-- Jerry Bryan, 22 May 2020
-- This query searches for parents based on given names of their children.
-- It ...
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Updating to WordPress 5.4.1

I'm going to attempt an update from WordPress 4.9.14 to 5.4.1 sometime today. The disruption will either be minimal or disastrous. I've made a backup of the files and database. But I'm no WP expert and things may get broken ...
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Aargh! Systemic Error re: GroupID

I've just discovered that I caused a systemic error in several scripts dealing with Groups in relating the LabelTable.LabelID to the GroupTable.GroupID when the latter is actually related to LabelTable.LabelValue. It's of no consequence when groups are consecutively created but ...
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Names – Set Alternate of type Birth to Primary #names #alternatenames #birth

This script does two things:
  1. For those persons having one Alternate Name of type "Birth" and a Primary name of "undefined" type, it sets the Alt name as the Primary name and changes the previous Primary name to an ...
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Combining the contents of 2 queries on the same file

I am having trouble setting up this query. I want the results of the first query to merge/join/union with the second query where the ownerid from the first query equals the ownerid from the second query. The bold line should ...
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Privatise Extra BMD Events #events #reports #private

Problem Many persons in my database have multiple Birth events created from different sources; likewise for other vital facts. Even though I may have marked one as Primary, the others still clutter reports: narratives look like repetitious gobbledygook; calendars have ...
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New RootsMagic-Users Mailing List/Forum

RootsWeb is deactivating its Mailing List service on March 2, 2020, but leaving the archive of each List online, for now. A successor has been set up on, operated by users. The old and the new list appeal to ...
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Trying to find duplicate spouses

I am trying to find duplicate spousess. I created the following query: select fatherid, (select n1.surname || ", " || n1.given from nametable n1 where fatherid = ownerid) as fathername, motherid, (select n2.surname || ", " || n2.given from nametable ...
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Backup database open in both SQLite and RootsMagic #backup

Problem Neither the RootsMagic File>Backup nor File>Copy can proceed because the database file "is being used by another process" (RootsMagic's own or your SQLite manager or other outboard SQLite connection). And if you've chosen Backup, RM gracelessly blocks you from ...
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Media Duplicates – Reports and Remedies

Problem TreeShare update operations that add images from Ancestry to the RootsMagic database can result in successive downloads of the same image file saved to a revised name, each added to the Media Gallery and independently tagged to their respective ...
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