Using ChatGPT AI to get help on querying the RM database

Introduction With all the excitement surrounding how well Artificial Intelligence is doing to write papers that can fool teachers and having seen someone post a message about using it to generate some software coding, I was curious to see what ...
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Surname ALL-CAPS to Propercase #names

Introduction This procedure responds to a call for help from a RootsMagic user who had received a 40,000 person GEDCOM file in which all the surnames were in capital letters and which he wanted to integrate with a database in ...
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SQLite Error 26 – A Surprising Cause

User could not open their ".rmgc" file, getting this message. A user with this problem could not open their RM7 database file, contacted Tech Support which could not help and was referred by the agent to me. I warned them ...
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In Praise of SQLite

Just learned of some interesting things about SQLite in this article that popped up in my Google News feed: In Praise of SQLite by Nikos Vaggalis, dated 28 July 2022. The latest version of SQLite is 3.39.2. I don't monitor ...
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New App Aids RM Media Management

TestExternalFiles by Richard J. Otter is a new Windows utility that helps identify these issues:
  • A file on disk may get renamed, or moved, breaking the link
    from the database.
  • A file may be added to the media folder on disk but ...
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Convert RM8 Database to RM7 #rm8 #rm7

Issue As of writing, still no Book Publisher feature in RM8 and along with other persistent issues, some users wish to return to the RM7.5 database from which they had ‘upgraded’. However, the only ways back using the RM user ...
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Source Citation Sort RM8 #sources #citations

Issue As for earlier versions, the order in which Citations for a given fact are presented in RM8 is the order in which they were added. Some users wish for them to be sorted alphabetically by name. Solution A brute ...
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RMTREE Properties Query for RM8

This is an 'upgrade' from RMGC_Properties – Query #database for pre-RM8 databases. It provides an expansion over the information provided on the RM8 Home - File Properties screen. With a SQLite manager that supports runtime variables, a summary report can ...
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Site Maintenance & Updates

Yeah, really interesting... but you may notice some things are better than they have been:
  • the Forum pages update from your post much more quickly
  • images that previously were illegible and would not open to full size now do
Forum It's ...
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Direct Import of RM8 database into RM7 – Part 2

WARNING 2022-06-18: This script has been found defective in the handling of reused citations - see Comments at the bottom. UPDATE 2022-06-12: a version of the script now imports the RM8 ConfigTable to RM7 as it appears to be compatible ...
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