Understanding the Roots Magic 8 Database – Database Diagram

Database Diagram for RootsMagic version 8 - there are probably more table relationships to be added. Database Diagram as pdf file to download ...
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Understanding the RootsMagic 8 database – Type Decodes

Many tables within RootsMagic have fields which are know to mean something but do not have lookup tables. So far I have collected the following: (more to follow) Fields named OwnerType - see Understanding the RootsMagic 8 database – Ownership ...
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Understanding the RootsMagic 8 database – Ownership #database #datadefinitions

The RootsMagic 8 database structure has seen a few changes from RM7 and one of these is that more objects can "own" other objects in the data. A task can have media, citations and web tags for example. To achieve ...
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Group Queries #namedgroup #colorcoding

In RootsMagic 7 group names are stored in the LabelTable and the group members in GroupTable with group id and RIN. The LabelTypes in the LabelTable are 0 – groups, and thus it is the label value field that links ...
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Common Table Expressions – The Building Blocks of SQL

Common Table Expressions (CTE) are a feature that was first introduced to SQL in about 2005 and provide a method of defining a temporary result set then using that in the query as if it were another table. Yes, subqueries ...
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RM8 Data Definitions Spreadsheet #database #datadefinitions

Thanks to member momakid, we have a new spreadsheet of data definitions available on Google Sheets. The new fields in RM8 are not completely described so your input is welcome. You may comment directly on the spreadsheet, on this page ...
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Comparing #Database Definitions RM8 versus RM7

Comparing the CREATE statements for a database file of each version reveals changes to persisting tables in addition to tables deleted and added per First Look at RM8 #Database. This post provides DDL files from RM7.6.5 and the RM8 Preview ...
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First Look at RM8 #Database

More changes than expected with the result that many (most?) of the queries and scripts published on this site won't work with RM8 databases. New Tables CitationLinkTable: was expected to support the announced new feature of master citations. AncestryTable and ...
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Query to Search Parents by Children’s Given Names #search #family

The following script was developed in response to the discussion Search for family by given names of children (was RM-8) -- three_childrens_names.sql
-- Jerry Bryan, 22 May 2020
-- This query searches for parents based on given names of their children.
-- It ...
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Updating to WordPress 5.4.1

I'm going to attempt an update from WordPress 4.9.14 to 5.4.1 sometime today. The disruption will either be minimal or disastrous. I've made a backup of the files and database. But I'm no WP expert and things may get broken ...
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