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Rebuild Indexes and Update Birth and Death Years #update #date #birth #death #index #speed #rmnocase

Rebuilding the indexes of large databases using RootsMagic’s File > Database tools > Rebuild Indexes function is ponderously slow, still at version A 162000 person database took over 100 minutes. This page provides procedures that take but a few minutes. In RootsMagic version 5.0.2, the Rebuild Indexes tool was introduced under Menu > File…

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Death Year Mismatch #date #death

Lists individuals whose Death Year is missing from RootsMagic Explorer (and other views and reports where just the YEAR is outputted) or mismatches the value that has been stored in the Date field of the Death fact. Adapted from the query Birth Year Mismatch. New: see Rebuild Indexes and Update Birth and Death Years for…

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Date Formats #datadefinitions #date #sortdate

Storage formats Within the RootsMagic 4 database, several date-related fields exist. These fields can be grouped into into four different storage types: FLOAT, with the integer part representing number of days since 1899 Dec 31 and fractional part representing time of day EventTable – EditDate LinkTable – extDate (presumably) NameTable – EditDate (presumably) PersonTable –…

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