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Site Maintenance & Updates

Yeah, really interesting… but you may notice some things are better than they have been: the Forum pages update from your post much more quickly images that previously were illegible and would not open to full size now do Forum It’s bothered me for quite a while that it would take several seconds for a…

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Problems with Email Distribution #admin

Please excuse the recent behaviour of this WordPress site. You have likely heard nothing by email from it since March 2 until yesterday and then some of you may have received flurries of duplicate messages. New subscribers probably received no confirmation email nor password reset notices. This post may not be delivered to subscribers. I’m…

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Updating to WordPress 5.4.1

I’m going to attempt an update from WordPress 4.9.14 to 5.4.1 sometime today. The disruption will either be minimal or disastrous. I’ve made a backup of the files and database. But I’m no WP expert and things may get broken. I think all the plugins have been tested to the higher level. Wish me luck!

Migrating from Wikispaces

You are probably aware that Wikispaces has announced a phased shutdown of its services with that for SQLite Tools for RootsMagic terminating on 30th Sep 2018. After much gnashing of teeth, I have started investigating alternatives to which the wiki might migrate. I would welcome your help in the process, especially if you are knowledgeable…

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Wish List

Post your wishes for utilities that will help you with your RootsMagic projects by posting under Discussion (tiny button up there with two bubbles next to Edit), with a new topic for each unique wish. Someone will summarize them on this page. Group Discussion or Page Status Media Insert Image Metadata into database see Media…

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