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GroupDiscussion or PageStatus
MediaInsert Image Metadata into databasesee Media Metadata, Read, Write, Compare with Picasa
Married Name as Alternate Name
see Names – Add Married
PeopleBulk deletesee Delete Many
FactsSet Sort Dates to Natural Ordersee Dates
– Same Day Sort Order
FactsConvert Shared Facts to Individual Factssee Facts – Split Shared to Individual
Duplicate Facts
see Events – Merge

Discussions & comments
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Insert Image
Metadata into database

LessTX 14 January 2012 20:56:51


This is on the RM enhancement list, but there’s no reason to
not do it now.
Some of us, hopefully many of us, use IPTC or XMP metadata to
identify photographs and scanned jpg or tif documents. In that
way the information about the image is a part of the image
file, rather than in some external file that can get unlinked.
This data could be imported into the Caption, Description, and
date fields of the media item, thus eliminating the need to
re-enter it or leave it blank.
Would also be nice to have the ability to “refresh” the RM
database from the current image file metadata.
The following equivalencies exist between the metadata fields
and RM database:

ve3meo 14 January 2012 22:47:12

Great idea! I caption my photos in Picasaweb. It would be
great to have some kind of comparison and merge
functionality, in addition to a straight copy.
Any ideas on tools? I found this:
looks really powerful, free, but written in Perl.

Individual Names

LessTX 18 January 2012 15:29:05

Copying some ideas from the TMG Utilities…

One of the most frequently used things from TMG Utilities was
the ability to create Married Names for all the women in the
database, automatically.
Yes, you’d really only do it once, or after adding a whole lot
of people, but it was a huge time saver. Later he added
capability to add and change all different types of names, for
v1.0 I’d say just do the married name thing
You’d choose the alternate name type (Married) and if you
wanted to put in a date or just a sort date, make it the same
as the marriage date (or one day after for the sort date). Do
you want to put the maiden name in parentheses in the suffix
Then it goes and adds a married name for every female, for
every marriage, if one does not already exist.
The checks for “does it exist” would be if the surname is the
same as the spouse’s name.
Also another “tag date” or “tag sort” utility would fix the
dates, so that married names that already existed would get
the date of the marriage, or you could set sort dates for the
day after the marriage – those would work on already existing
This would be an exceedingly useful thing.

ve3meo 01 December 2012 13:09:20

The query has been developed – see Names – Add Married.

Set Sort Dates

LessTX 18 January 2012 15:32:46
Another of the exceedingly popular things from the TMG Utility
was the ability to quickly and globally set sort dates for all
of the tags.
You could arrange the list of tags, so that existing and
undated tags would be given sort dates that put them in the
requested order to make viewing of the person’s timeline a lot
less chaotic.
It was database wide, and only modified events with no sort
date, but could force burial after marriage, names after
birth, etc. You can look at the TMG Utility web page for
description of how it worked.

ve3meo 19 January 2012 20:10:19

Have you looked at Dates – Same Day Sort Order? Does it appear to answer some
or all of wish?

Merge duplicate facts

mfseeker 24 January 2012 02:25:17
More often than is comfortable, records end up with duplicate
facts that are distinguished only by one having a note or
source that the other lacks. It would be helpful if we had a
utility that would locate such “duplicate facts”, merge their
notes and/or sources, and delete the duplicate. At the very
least, it would help if we had a utility that would delete any
duplicate fact that had no notes or sources or, perhaps, no
new notes or sources.

Global convert fact type

PJEvans1 13 February 2012 00:39:53

I think it’s a good idea.
The other fact-manipulation tool I’d like is one to convert
fact types at the global level. (Ancestry seems to put
everything into ‘Residence’ that isn’t birth, death, or

ve3meo 14 February 2012 02:33:30
@PJEvans1: How would you see this working?
1. Convert all facts of one type to another?
2. Convert a filtered subset of facts of one type to another?

Bulk delete

snowathlete 24 October 2012 12:48:23
So frustrating to find there is no bulk delete capabily, and
that the rootsmagician has no plans to provide one.
id like to be able to delete whole trees, or branches,
ancestors, descendants of an individual (with collatoral
lines) and delete the members of a named group, or those with
color coding. Even delete based on other data fields.

ve3meo 28 October 2012 03:16:51

Have a look at Delete Many. It answers the request to delete the members of
a named group, or those with color coding. You can use the
full capabilities of RootsMagic Explorer to create Named
Groups or coloured sets based on other data fields.
Alternatively, you could use other custom SQLite queries to
set a colour code or group.

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