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Colorcoding #RM8 #RM9

RM9 Color Picker Changed & Color Coding Sets Added Versions prior to RM9 have but one set of color codes; RM9 added 9 more sets for a total of 10, any one of which can be active. Each color in each set and each set can be uniquely labelled to make it easier to understand…

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Understanding the RootsMagic 8 database – Type Decodes #rm8 #datadefinitions

Many tables within RootsMagic have fields which are know to mean something but do not have lookup tables. So far I have collected the following: (more to follow) Fields named OwnerType – see Understanding the RootsMagic 8 database – Ownership Addresses AddressType field Value Meaning 0 Correspondence 1 Repository Citations The Quality field in the…

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ConfigTable RecID 1 #datadefinitions #config

ConfigTable RecID 1 DataRec Default The first record of ConfigTable consists of XML in the RecID field that stores various database file settings. The current version and its data can be restructured and displayed as follows (Values column to be verified): See sheet “ConfigTableDefaultRec1” on Database Design Spreadsheets.

Data Definitions #datadefinitions

RootsMagic 4+ Data Definitions See spreadsheets “DataDefsMstr” and “DataDefsFieldSort” on Database Design Spreadsheets. Discussions & comments from Wikispaces site romermb Adding To/Updating File romermb 08 January 2010 21:35:48 A few of us so far have been trying to add the Notes, etc details to the various table fields in the file referenced in this page.…

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