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ConfigTable RecID 1 #datadefinitions #config

ConfigTable RecID 1 DataRec Default The first record of ConfigTable consists of XML in the RecID field that stores various database file settings. The current version and its data can be restructured and displayed as follows (Values column to be verified): See sheet “ConfigTableDefaultRec1” on Database Design Spreadsheets.

Data Definitions #datadefinitions

RootsMagic 4+ Data Definitions See spreadsheets “DataDefsMstr” and “DataDefsFieldSort” on Database Design Spreadsheets. Discussions & comments from Wikispaces site romermb Adding To/Updating File romermb 08 January 2010 21:35:48 A few of us so far have been trying to add the Notes, etc details to the various table fields in the file referenced in this page.…

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Date Formats #datadefinitions #date #sortdate

Storage formats Within the RootsMagic 4 database, several date-related fields exist. These fields can be grouped into into four different storage types: FLOAT, with the integer part representing number of days since 1899 Dec 31 and fractional part representing time of day EventTable – EditDate LinkTable – extDate (presumably) NameTable – EditDate (presumably) PersonTable –…

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Date Last Edited #date #datadefinitions

Decode the Last Edited Date for Persons Although the data definition for EditDate in the PersonTable has been divined for almost as long as this wiki has existed, it seems that no one has published a SQLite query that incorporates it. Here is one that provides the algorithm using SQLite expressions described at http://www.sqlite.org/lang_datefunc.html. SELECT…

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