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TMG-RootsMagic Split Citation Details #tmg #citations #sourcetemplates

RootsMagic imports TMG Citation Detail memo field into CitationTable.Fields as the field [CD] defined in the SourceTemplateTable.Fields regardless of TMG memo splitter “||”. An issue which I’m sure many will detect is that sentences for sources with split Citation Detail (CD1, CD2,..) do not contain any of the Citation Detail. The full value is…

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Source Templates – Versatile Free Form Hybrids #sourcetemplates #sources

Introduction This query introduces a radical variation on RootsMagic’s system of Source Templates. It combines Source Templates and Free Form properties into Versatile Free Form Hybrid Source Templates incorporating the best of both worlds. Sources built on older source templates will now have free form fields that can be used to create alternative sentences that…

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Depopulate but keep Customs, Places, Sources #database #places #placedetails #sourcetemplates #sources #facttypes #custom #media #roles

This script deprecated in favour of Database – Copy Master Lists to Shell (2014-10-13). Makes an empty Master from current database, preserving custom fact types and source templates, Places, Master Sources and associated Repositories and Addresses, and Place/Source Media. Written for RM4 with instructions to edit for RM5. CustomDatabaseShell.sql There are two ways to do…

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