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Source Templates – Set Quotation Punctuation to ‘UK’ or ‘Logical’ Placement #sourcetemplates #update

Most of the built-in source templates have the comma or period separating a quotation from the rest of a Footnote, Short Footnote or Bibliography sentence (or ending the sentence with a quotation) inside the quotation marks. This is known as ‘US’ style or convention. ‘UK’ or ‘logical’ convention places them outside the quotation. This query…

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Source Templates by Origin #sourcetemplates

Results of the query shown below for a database from RM v8.1.8.0 and available in this Google Sheets: SourceTemplatesByCategory (updated 2022-04-28 for RM8). Category Name InRM4? [AQS inside left] Article, online (unsigned) Y [AQS, inside left] Article, online archive (print publication) Y [AQS, Front] Basic Ancestry Database Template Y [AQS, Front] Basic Ancestry Images Template…

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