Tutorial: Run SQL on your RM database by Richard Otter – step by step instructions from a professional developer on setting up in Windows to use SQLite Expert Personal to safely work on a copy of your database.

RM Database Design – for those who already know something about SQLite and want to hack their own queries.

Quick Start for Dummies – starting from ground zero…
How to Query RootsMagic – Experiences of novice users and an example using the SQLiteSpy SQLite manager.
Four Little Queries – Plunge right in, if you have an idea of what you are doing.
Problem Queries – Post your problem for discussion.
SQLite Managers – Choose from one of these tools to run your queries.
MS Access – Or connect to your database with Access and Excel for great looking reports.
Open Office – Use the same ODBC driver as described for MS Access to connect OpenOffice to a RM database. Not recommended!
A Sample Query Created with Views – Jerry Bryan’s excellent Lego-block building technique to break complex queries down into simpler elements.

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The PoorSQL formatter does a pretty good job of cleaning up scripts to make them more readable but is written for T-SQL so does not support SQLite SQL fully. It puts a space between double character operators such as <<, >>, ==; these can be readily searched and replaced in a text editor such as PSPad.