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Aargh! Systemic Error re: GroupID

I’ve just discovered that I caused a systemic error in several scripts dealing with Groups in relating the LabelTable.LabelID to the GroupTable.GroupID when the latter is actually related to LabelTable.LabelValue. It’s of no consequence when groups are consecutively created but not deleted because the LabelID and LabelValue match. The problem arises when a group before…

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Groups – Extract most everything for one to a new database #namedgroup #TreeShare

RootsMagic GEDCOM and Drag’n’Drop transfer capabilities and performance leave some things to be desired. Its own File Compare tool shows that differences crop up from the loss of trailing blanks from Notes. Other things are not transferred at all, such as custom default sentences for built-in fact types and roles. The introduction of Ancestry TreeShare…

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Query – All Names in Tree

Trees Two related problems 1) Finding all names in a selected person’s tree 2) Count Trees 1) Finding all names in selected person’s tree Does anyone have any idea how to emulate the function that is in the RM Mark Group of “Everyone in the highlighted person’s tree”? RM does this very efficiently/quickly.I break the…

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