Places – Count People and Events for a Group #places #statistics #events #namedgroup

This page presents a family of scripts that:

  1. Creates a SQLite View of Standardized Place names in reverse order N.B.: The Standardized Place field name is [Normalized] and the value is empty unless the Place has been successfully geocoded or the field manually entered. To view the values of the Place [Name] field in reverse order, revise the PlaceReverse.sql script to replace all instances of "Normalized" (sans quotes) with "Name" (sans quotes).
  2. Lists Places used by the events of a Group of people and the quantity per Place of:
    • People
    • Events

An inquiry on Facebook stimulated the development of these scripts.

This first script must be executed before the subsequent ones as it creates a set of SQLite Views used by them.
The names of its Views are: xPlaceCommaView, xPlacePartsView, xPlaceReverseView in the order created, each building on its predecessor.

The following scripts are independent of each other but depend on the Views created by PlaceReverse.sql:
Places-PeopleCount.sql Creates the View xPlacePersonView and then runs a SELECT query to produce the desired list.
Places-EventCount.sql Creates the View xPlaceEventsView and then runs a SELECT query to produce the desired list.
In both of the above scripts, there is the requirement to edit the GroupID number as instructed in the Comment. You could create a Group including Everyone in the database or any subset.


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