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In Praise of SQLite

Just learned of some interesting things about SQLite in this article that popped up in my Google News feed: In Praise of SQLite by Nikos Vaggalis, dated 28 July 2022. The latest version of SQLite is 3.39.2. I don’t monitor releases so this story made me aware of some significant changes delivered in 3.39.0 and…

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SQLite Question – SELECT WHERE IN #sql

Here’s a pretty dumb question. Why will the following extremely simple query not return the desired results? I’m trying to see the sentence templates just for the birth, death, marriage, and burial facts. SELECT FT.FactTypeID, FT.Name, FT.Sentence FROM FactTypeTable AS FT WHERE FT.Name IN (‘Birth’,’Death’,’Marriage’,’Burial’); To get the desired results, I instead do something like…

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