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REMATCH to FamilySearch ID in REFN fact #FamilySearch #refno

An earlier script copied the FamilySearch Family Tree ID into the Reference Number fact. One user uploaded a file to an Ancestry Member Tree where it was grown through online evidence-based research and then downloaded the GEDCOM back into RootsMagic. RootsMagic’s Auto-Match feature in FamilySearch Central failed to rematch all the previously matched people. However,…

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Facts – Reference Numbers for person, spouse and parents. #facttypes #events #refno

Purpose This page responds to a request posted in the RootsMagic Forums by Forum member JoyceAE5 on 21 Jan 2014. Basically, what I want is a list of everyone in my database with the following information:   Person’s RefNo, Person’s Name, Spouse’s RefNo, Spouse’s Name, Father’s RefNo, Father’s Name, Mother’s RefNo & Mother’s Name Building…

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Copy RIN to REFN #update #insert #refno #rin

Some RootsMagic users would like to have a utility to add a Reference Number (REFN) fact to persons that would contain the current Record Number (RIN). The intent is that this REFN would persist through GEDCOM exports and imports, drag’n’drop transfers, and possibly merges, thus providing a reference to the record’s history. I have used…

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