REMATCH to FamilySearch ID in REFN fact #FamilySearch #refno

An earlier script copied the FamilySearch Family Tree ID into the Reference Number fact. One user uploaded a file to an Ancestry Member Tree where it was grown through online evidence-based research and then downloaded the GEDCOM back into RootsMagic. RootsMagic’s Auto-Match feature in FamilySearch Central failed to rematch all the previously matched people. However, the FSID was preserved in the REFN fact through this round trip so his wish was to regenerate the matches from the REFN value. This script does just that.

The script is written as the complement to the one at COPY familySearchID to REFN fact , that is, the REFN value is of the form “fsid: XXXX-XXX”. If your format is different, it will have to be revised.

At time of writing, we are perhaps just weeks away from the Ancestry TreeShare update to RootsMagic 7 which may result in a change to the LinkTable that could cause the script to be rendered invalid without being adapted. However, it also follows that there should also be even less reason for someone to move their database from RM through Ancestry and out again with the attendant loss of FS matches.


RM’s FamilySearch Central will report there is “new information” for every one of the matches remade by the script.
The rematches in the LinkTable made by the script are like records 1 and 3 with the extVersion empty. After opening the FamilySearch Person Tools on one of the people with “new information”, the record is revised as per #2.

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