Category: People

Operations on persons and families and relationships, esp on PersonTable, FamilyTable and ChildTable.

Source Names – Append Surnames

In response to a request in the Forum, Adding Surname to Truncated Source Names in RM9, posted here is a script that may be of use to others. The user’s objective is to facilitate distinguishing which Master Sources (among many similar source names derived from imports from FamilySearch, Ancestry, et al) are relevant to families…

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Remove Duplicate Merged Notes

Introduction This script was prompted by a discussion in the RootsMagic Community on Feb 10 ’23: Notes are duplicated. The duplicate begins with MERGED NOTE. It is not uncommon, viz this Google search for the MERGED NOTE flag generated by RootsMagic. Its results return many pages, from and from other sites with content from…

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Events – Add to all Children a Parent event shared with parents #facttypes #sharedevent #relationships #rm8

TBA: Rev 2021-03-0x above script adapted for RM8 by Tom Holden from the #RM7 script described below by the original author, Jerry Bryan. Note that the custom fact type ‘Parents’ and the role ‘Birth_of_Child’ must be created separately in advance of executing this script. This is a query I wrote just for myself and I…

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