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REMATCH to FamilySearch ID in REFN fact #FamilySearch #refno

An earlier script copied the FamilySearch Family Tree ID into the Reference Number fact. One user uploaded a file to an Ancestry Member Tree where it was grown through online evidence-based research and then downloaded the GEDCOM back into RootsMagic. RootsMagic’s Auto-Match feature in FamilySearch Central failed to rematch all the previously matched people. However,…

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COPY FamilySearchID to REFN fact #refno #FamilySearch

Update 2023-11-22: #RM9 version Problem Description This script responds to a user’s problem posted on FaceBook: she had two databases with overlapping people in them. One was her master with people matched to FamilySearch; the other was developed independently using FamilySearch. Because the duplicated people were created independently, she cannot rely on the RootsMagic File>Compare…

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