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TreeShare – Link Pasted Ancestry Sources #ancestrycom #TreeShare #citations #sources

Facebook Discussion Forums Discussion EXPERIMENTAL When a TreeShare linked Ancestry Source is Memorised and Pasted through RootsMagic Citation Manager, the pasted source loses its TreeShare link. The TreeShare update to the Ancestry Tree creates a new Other Source rather than linking to the Ancestry Source. This script creates a TreeShare link for such pasted Ancestry…

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Citations Invisible – Reveal and Revert #citations #sources #ftm2014 #ftm2012 #ancestrycom #gedcom

With the flurry of users of Family Tree Maker looking to migrate their database to RootsMagic, an outcry has gained volume because of the disappearance of some citations. This problem was described here in 2012 in Citations Invisible Revealed which offered two scripts, both of which are available in the RMtrix utility, one to find…

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Source Templates – Versatile Free Form Hybrids #sourcetemplates #sources

Introduction This query introduces a radical variation on RootsMagic’s system of Source Templates. It combines Source Templates and Free Form properties into Versatile Free Form Hybrid Source Templates incorporating the best of both worlds. Sources built on older source templates will now have free form fields that can be used to create alternative sentences that…

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