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A longstanding wish is for RootsMagic to list sources alphabetically in the Citation Manager rather than in the order they were cited for the particular fact. This would seem to be a fairly trivial programming change but as of RootsMagic 7, it has yet to be delivered. Here is a script that accomplishes the same ends by brute force – a complete reordering of the records in the CitationTable. Of course, that requires revising all other tables that point to it.
This first script is not essential to getting the Citation Manager sorted but does make inspection of the data tables a little easier. It reorders the rows in the SourceTable (the Master Sources) alphabetically by name. It requires a fake RMNOCASE collation extension and you should run RootsMagic File>Database tools>Rebuild Indexes on the database when you return to work on it. SourcesSort.sql

This script does the job for Citation Manager. It, too, requires the SQLite manager to have a fake RMNOCASE collation but should not cause a failure in the RootsMagic Integrity Check nor require its Rebuild Indexes. CitationSort.sql

Both were developed using SQLiteSpy.

I have not tested extensively so be sure to make a backup or work on a copy of your database and check that there are no unwanted consequences before committing to it as your ongoing file.

N.B. CitationSort.sql needs revision so that it will not disconnect or cross-connect Ancestry Sources linked by TreeShare in RootsMagic 7.5+. It can be used on databases that are not connected by TreeShare. There may be a similar issue for sources linked with FamilySearch through RootsMagic’s FamilySearch Central.

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