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Utilities by R. Steven Turley #application

This page gathers links to the RootsMagic utilities developed by R. Steven Turley. 2012-11-08 Copying Custom Reports copies a custom report from one database to another. 2012-11-08 Source Template Maintenance list all of the sources using a particular template find a template containing certain phrases list those custom templates I have created list the templates…

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WebTrees Website – Pre-Processing Tools using SQLite in Visual Basic et al #webtrees #visualbasic

Source code The following paragraphs are extracted from private messages from Tom, davistom1, who kindly agreed to their being brought onto a page for wider dissemination. He talks about the relationship between his RM4 database and media collection and two websites he operates, one a webtrees, the other GenWeb, both worth a visit. He developed…

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Bundled Utilities Project

As of 2012 and following the release of RootsMagic 5, a small team of enthusiasts is embarking on a software project to consolidate the various SQLite queries reported on this wiki into a user-friendly application, accessible to more RootsMagic users. Additional utilities will, hopefully, be added once the basics are running. The project team is…

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