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Remove Duplicate Merged Notes

Introduction This script was prompted by a discussion in the RootsMagic Community on Feb 10 ’23: Notes are duplicated. The duplicate begins with MERGED NOTE. It is not uncommon, viz this Google search for the MERGED NOTE flag generated by RootsMagic. Its results return many pages, from sites.rootsmagic.com and from other sites with content from…

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Trying to find duplicate spouses

I am trying to find duplicate spousess. I created the following query: select fatherid, (select n1.surname || “, ” || n1.given from nametable n1 where fatherid = ownerid) as fathername, motherid, (select n2.surname || “, ” || n2.given from nametable n2 where motherid = ownerid) as mothername from familytable order by fatherid, motherid; 1. Should…

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