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Set Living Flag #update #living

Superseded 2015-01-25. See Living Flag – Set Globally. Discussion in RootsMagic-Users pointed out some limitations with the Set Living tool in RootsMagic and the risk of unsetting persons that have been previously set correctly. This page discusses how SQLite might help and is intended to start the development of some useful queries. The Living flag…

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Source Templates – Set Quotation Punctuation to ‘UK’ or ‘Logical’ Placement #sourcetemplates #update

Most of the built-in source templates have the comma or period separating a quotation from the rest of a Footnote, Short Footnote or Bibliography sentence (or ending the sentence with a quotation) inside the quotation marks. This is known as ‘US’ style or convention. ‘UK’ or ‘logical’ convention places them outside the quotation. This query…

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