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RMTREE Properties Query for RM8

This is an ‘upgrade’ from RMGC_Properties – Query #database for pre-RM8 databases. It provides an expansion over the information provided on the RM8 Home – File Properties screen. With a SQLite manager that supports runtime variables, a summary report can be given (just those variables with no leading hyphen). It ATTACHes a reference empty, unused…

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Colorcoding #RM8

RM8 Color Picker Chart with Names & Codes Colors available in RootsMagic 8 color coding. labelled with names and database code numbers. The above chart is an adaptation of a file posted by Lynn Christiansen to facebook Dec 31, 2021. He took a screenshot of the RM8 Color Coding window color picker and labelled each…

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RootsMagic 8 Community Preview was released Dec 31, 2020. Its database design has been substantially changed from the prior version, rendering much of the information and many of the scripts on this site inapplicable to or unusable with RM8 databases. This page attempts to collect in one spot references to posts and scripts for RM8…

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