RMTREE Properties Query for RM8

This is an ‘upgrade’ from RMGC_Properties – Query #database for pre-RM8 databases. It provides an expansion over the information provided on the RM8 Home – File Properties screen. With a SQLite manager that supports runtime variables, a summary report can be given (just those variables with no leading hyphen).

It ATTACHes a reference empty, unused RM8 database that you provide from your up-to-date version of RM8 against which certain built-in items are compared, e.g., Fact Types and Source Templates, from your database under test. You’ll need to edit a line in the script to point to that empty database on your system.

Here’s an example of the script’s output for a database that was created around the time of the first public release:

6000Versionvs Control version 8000
– pre/post RM8 releaseWARNING! Database from a pre-release version of RM8
1608Peopleall records in PersonTable
0– Nameless Peopleno record in NameTable for that RIN
153– Unresolved Duplicate Name Pairspairs of Given and Surnames, not flagged as “Not a Problem”
20– Resolved* Duplicate Name Pairsflagged as “Not a Problem” – flags lost on transfer
5– Unresolved Duplicates with Media Linkssecondary persons’ links lost on merge
257Alternate namesall records in NameTable where IsPrimary=0
0– Orphaned Alternate names*no Primary name record found
551Familiesall records in FamilyTable
69Fact Typesno. of records from FactTypeTable
5– Custom Fact Typesno. of custom Fact Types
9– Customised Built-in Fact Typesno. of built-in Fact Types modified
34– Unused Fact Typesno. of Fact Types not used
0– Blank Fact Type NamesFactTypes must be named
0– Blank FactType SentencesFactType needing definition
6733Eventsall records of EventTable
0– Orphaned Eventsevents for which no person or family match in respective tables
138– Event WitnessesAll records in WitnessTable of persons sharing events
17— Nominal Witnessesnot Persons from database, but named in WitnessTable as sharing an event
0— Headless WitnessesPersonID (RIN) in WitnessTable missing from PersonTable
0— Witnesses to Lost EventsEventID in WitnessTable cannot be found in EventTable
0— Witnesses with blank Roleno role has been assigned from RoleTable or the RoleTable role is empty
5— Witnesses with Custom Sentencea custom sentence has been assigned, unique to this witness
26— Witnesses with Notea note has been entered for this witness to an event
84— Rolesno. of records from RoleTable
26— Custom Rolesno. of custom roles
1— Customised Built-in Rolesno. of built-in roles modified
54— Unused Rolesno. of roles not used
0— Blank Role NamesRoles needing definition
2— Blank Role SentencesRoles needing definition
1485Total Placesall records in PlaceTable incl Places and Place Details (Sites)
177– System Placessystem supplied Places: LDS Temples
1081– User Placesuser defined Places excl Sites
330— Used, having Geo-coordinatesnon-empty Lat or Long
42— Unused User Places*not used by EventTable, will be dropped in a transfer
227— User Place Detailsuser defined Sites
22— Used, having Place Detail Notes*Site Notes will be lost in a transfer
60— Used, having Geo-coordinatesnon-empty Lat or Long
13— Unused Place Details*Sites will be lost in a transfer
833Source Templates# of records from SourceTemplateTable
418– Custom Source Templates# of custom Source Templates
415– Unupdated Built-in SourceTemplates# not matching reference database
392– Unused Custom SourceTemplates*lost on transfer
1– Incomplete Source Templatesmissing part of definition
256Total Sourcesall records from SourceTable
3– Unused Sources*SourceTable records unused by CitationTable
6080Total Citationsall records from CitationTable
6080Total Citation Linksall records from CitationLinkTable
11– Duplicate Citationsidentical in most respects, cluttering reports
0– Sourceless Citations*no SourceTable record for this CitationTable record
54– Headless Citations*CitationTable records for which no Person, Event, Family, AltName found; cleaned on transfer
18Repositoriesall records from AddressTable of type Repository
827Multimedia itemsall records from MultimediaTable
7– lacking thumbnailprobably an imported reference to an image file that has yet to be found
0– duplicate multimedia filenamesprobably having different paths
25– with Date & Description*(TBC) if a record has both, the Description is lost in a transfer
3894Multimedia linksall records from MediaLinkTable
0– duplicate multimedia linksimage appears multiple times for person, fact
26Addressesall records from AddressTable of type Address
0– blank namesName field of AddressTable record is blank
43Tasksall records from TaskTable
2– Research Logall records from TaskTable of Type 1
41– ToDoall records from TaskTable of Type 2
0– Correspondenceall records from TaskTable of Type 3
1Foldersall records from TagTable of Type 1
34Groups*all records from TagTable of Type 0
* NOT TRANSFERABLEvia GEDCOM or Drag&Drop to another RM database

Future additions could include information about the FamilySearch and Ancestry linkages.

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