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Yeah, really interesting… but you may notice some things are better than they have been:

  • the Forum pages update from your post much more quickly
  • images that previously were illegible and would not open to full size now do


It’s bothered me for quite a while that it would take several seconds for a post to the Forum to show up on the screen; sometimes the browser would time out but the post would show upon refreshing. Then, recently, it got worse: after timing out, the post was invisible, even though it showed as the latest one. Meanwhile, Blog posts continued responsively with nearly instant display after publishing.

It took a visit to the Asgaros Forums Support Forum to discover others having the same issue and that a tweak to Litespeed cacheing to exempt the /forum/ path was all it took to fix the problem. I had only recently installed the Litespeed plugin so the non-display after posting issue has not been long-lived. And I suspect that the first issue, the delayed display of a Forum post, could be related to when the site host,, converted the server(s) that host this site from Apache to Litespeed. That would have been sometime after 2019 as that’s when they started to trial Litespeed according to this article: Improving Website Performance with LiteSpeed.

I don’t know if Litespeed is providing any real benefit and, since I have not gone through the setup and configuration process other than making this one exemption, maybe it isn’t. For example, I think I’m supposed to activate a ‘crawler’ and some other things. There are many administrative pages involved and much stuff to read…


Another thing that has been niggling me since transferring to WordPress from Wikispaces was that so many images were illegible because they were shrunk by this theme with its relatively narrow column and one had to right-click to get a menu which included ‘Open image…’. At that time, it was not obvious to me, as a newcomer to WordPress, that there was an easy way to make an image have a hyperlink to itself. Now I know there is when posting and there probably was then but it wasn’t obvious and, anyway, hundreds of posts and images were batch transferred so I did not go through each one with the editor at that time. Now I’ve done so over the course of several hours, inspecting all 290 posts and enabling the hyperlink to itself (I swear that was not a feature back then!). So, if you cannot read an image here, left-click on it to see the full size.

WordPress and Plugin Updates

Months can go by before I update the WordPress version and the 29 installed Plugins (5 inactive). They are currently up-to-date. I’ve no idea whether there is anything obvious that you see. One area that has been a bit of a headache has been the number of obviously fake accounts being registered. It’s not bad at the moment but I cannot tell if that is due to improved security or just a lull in the number of attempts.

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