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Migrating from Wikispaces

You are probably aware that Wikispaces has announced a phased shutdown of its services with that for SQLite Tools for RootsMagic terminating on 30th Sep 2018. After much gnashing of teeth, I have started investigating alternatives to which the wiki might migrate. I would welcome your help in the process, especially if you are knowledgeable…

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Earlier Queries by Date

2014-12-11 Sources – Copy Repository Name, Address from Repository List added; rev 14 Dec. 2014-11-25 RootsMagic 7 added 2014-11-24 Reports – Concordances for Indexes added 2014-11-20 Fact Type – Convert Census to yyyy Census and back added; support for shared events added 2014-11-21! 2014-10-30 Names – Move Prefix to empty Suffix added 2014-10-29 Names –…

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SQLite Question – SELECT WHERE IN #sql

Here’s a pretty dumb question. Why will the following extremely simple query not return the desired results? I’m trying to see the sentence templates just for the birth, death, marriage, and burial facts. SELECT FT.FactTypeID, FT.Name, FT.Sentence FROM FactTypeTable AS FT WHERE FT.Name IN (‘Birth’,’Death’,’Marriage’,’Burial’); To get the desired results, I instead do something like…

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Addresses – How Used

As of, RootsMagic does not provide a comprehensive report on how each entry in the Address List is used – is it merely a Contact or is it the address of a Person or Family (couple) in the tree database? This query provides a list which helps answer that need. RM does provide a…

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