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Aargh! Systemic Error re: GroupID

I’ve just discovered that I caused a systemic error in several scripts dealing with Groups in relating the LabelTable.LabelID to the GroupTable.GroupID when the latter is actually related to LabelTable.LabelValue. It’s of no consequence when groups are consecutively created but not deleted because the LabelID and LabelValue match. The problem arises when a group before…

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Search for: The above Search widget is the same as the one visible in the side panel. Tip: tag names imported from Wikispaces are searchable as hashtags, e.g., #events will have narrower results than events. The cloud below of Popular Tags excludes less common ones that may still be found in a post through Search.…

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Migrating from Wikispaces

You are probably aware that Wikispaces has announced a phased shutdown of its services with that for SQLite Tools for RootsMagic terminating on 30th Sep 2018. After much gnashing of teeth, I have started investigating alternatives to which the wiki might migrate. I would welcome your help in the process, especially if you are knowledgeable…

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