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Events – Add to all Children a Parent event shared with parents #facttypes #sharedevent #relationships #rm8

TBA: Rev 2021-03-0x above script adapted for RM8 by Tom Holden from the #RM7 script described below by the original author, Jerry Bryan. Note that the custom fact type ‘Parents’ and the role ‘Birth_of_Child’ must be created separately in advance of executing this script. This is a query I wrote just for myself and I…

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Relationships #relationships

This page is intended to collect some scripts in support of calculating and displaying relationships between people in a RootsMagic database. Kinship List This first script produces a table similar to the RootsMagic Kinship List report but it does so markedly faster for a large database. RootsMagic took almost five minutes (290s) to calculate…

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