RootsMagic 8 Community Preview was released Dec 31, 2020. Its database design has been substantially changed from the prior version, rendering much of the information and many of the scripts on this site inapplicable to or unusable with RM8 databases. This page attempts to collect in one spot references to posts and scripts for RM8 as contributors endeavour to document and understand the revised design and adapt or develop scripts for it.

Note that an underlined blue heading is the hyperlink to the referenced item.


Blog will continue to contain posts about earlier versions but is now dominated by those about RM8.

Forum is the space for discussion with forum members. You can also comment on a Blog post for a possible dialog with the author.

Search pages & posts for “RM8”

The string “RM8” is generally used in titles and text on pages and blog posts. This link is equivalent to using the main Search box on the term “RM8” (sans quotes). It does not search the Forum.

Search using hashtag #rm8

The hashtags #rm8 and #rm7 have been added to many pages and posts and clicking on one returns search results for all containing that hashtag.

Search Forum for “RM8”

As above, this link does the same in the Forum (rev. 2021-03-07).

SQL Files List

Live query of the Media Library lists SQL script files – takes several seconds to render. Use browser’s search on page for references to RM8.

Progress Monitoring Spreadsheet

Administrator Pat Jones has started this spreadsheet to identify candidate SQL scripts for updating and to track progress thereon.

RootsMagic 8 Update History

RootsMagic 8 Preview Update History

…consolidates the updates reported by RootsMagic Inc and provides means of searching and filtering by keywords.

RM7 vs RM8

Spreadsheet developed by Administrator momakid to seek out differences in database tables, identify scripts that fail with a SQLite error on a RM8 database. Note that some scripts that will not fail with an error can produce erroneous results because they use a relationship that is technically valid but superseded by a structural change. Note that this file has macros so there may be a security warning.

More to come…