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Comparing #Database Definitions RM8 versus RM7

Comparing the CREATE statements for a database file of each version reveals changes to persisting tables in addition to tables deleted and added per First Look at RM8 #Database. This post provides DDL files from RM7.6.5 and the RM8 Preview 7.9.101. The two files can be compared line by line in Notepad++ using the Compare…

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First Look at RM8 #Database

More changes than expected with the result that many (most?) of the queries and scripts published on this site won’t work with RM8 databases. New Tables CitationLinkTable: was expected to support the announced new feature of master citations. AncestryTable and FamilySearchTable: replace the former LinkAncestryTable and LinkTable, now gone. TagTable: looks to have replaced LabelTable,…

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DAT File Question #ancestrycom #treeshare #database

I found some discrepancies in RootsMagic and posted a question. This was in an answer: C:Users\Tom\AppData\Roaming\RootsMagic\AMT (change the “Tom ” to your Windows username). In this folder is a .DAT file for each connected Ancestry Member Tree (AMT), named “AT-AncestryTreeID.DAT”, where AncestryTreeID is an integer. This file is a SQLite database containing tables named identically…

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