RM9 Data Definitions #datadefinitions

RootsMagic was released on Feb 27, 2023 with some new features necessitating changes to the database design. All previous version #database files undergo an upgrade procedure to the RM9 structure and are not backward compatible. However, #RM9 and #RM8 table structures are identical with the following exceptions:


9 new fields named color1, …, color9 have been added in support of the ColorCode sets 1 through 10. The original “color” field is set 1.

FanTable, FanTypeTable

New tables added in support of the new Associations feature. They bear a resemblance, respectively, to the EventTable and FactTypeTable.


New table added in support of Saved Criteria Search and Saved Criteria Group. So far:


New OwnerType values have been added in support of the new tables. These will be identified as encountered through usage and testing.

Payload1 (SavedCriteriaSearch)80
Payload2 (SavedCriteriaGroup)20TagTable.TagValue, GroupTable.GroupID
FANTable19CitationLinkTable, MediaLinkTable,…

Table Specs

This is a tab-delimited result of a query of the tables.

4 Replies to “RM9 Data Definitions #datadefinitions

    • Yes, EventTable.PlaceID relates to PlaceTable. PlaceID where PlaceType=0 (and likely also 1 for LDS fact type events). SiteID relates to PlaceTable. PlaceID where PlaceType=2, i.e., Place Details.

      • Perfect! So an Event that is linked to a PlaceDetail (i.e., PlaceType == 2), will have PlaceTable.PlaceID set to the ‘primary’ place, and PlaceTable.SiteID will be set to the PlaceDetail.

        Thank you!

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