Broken Links

… are the bane of any website! And this one has suffered badly in its migration from Wikispaces. Apart from expired external links that were faithfully exported and imported, many more intra-site links were broken in translation, despite my best efforts at transforming them to WordPress-friendly before the import. To do so meant breaking all inter-page links beforehand in anticipation of the way WP would create its URL for  the imported content of each HTML file. Added to this were file types that were blocked by WP security and others with characters in their names that caused problems. The result was over 500 broken links according to a WP plugin that I did not start to use until I had gone too far to start over.

So it is going to be quite a while before they are substantially corrected, working through the post titles alphabetically. If you come across a broken link that is of strong interest to you, comment on the post or page and it will get priority. If you cannot wait, then look for the page or file as exported from Wikispaces on the temporary server.