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Many (most?) of the queries and scripts published on this site won’t work with RM8 databases due to extensive changes that are reported in Recent Posts and Comments. Over time, some scripts will be adapted, others no longer needed and, possibly, new needs will be identified. Please contribute your knowledge, skills and experience.

RM Database Design

2021-01-23 The RootsMagic 8 Community Preview was released at the beginning of the year revealing more-than-expected changes in the database structure affecting the compatibility of a wider set of scripts than was anticipated. With the energies of new site Administrators momakid and Pat Jones, the revised structure has been described and a start made on identifying those scripts needing attention and updating them. Follow the Recent Posts in the sidebar for the latest news and dig back further through the Blog and Search.

2017-06-28 RootsMagic 7.5 continues with the RM6 database structure so there should be no conflict with prior scripts. Of course these scripts remain unaware of the unique Ancestry TreeShare values used in one or more tables. Further investigation will reveal what they are and the database documentation will be revised accordingly. See Ancestry TreeShare – Impact for discussion.

Applying for Membership

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