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RM Database Design

2017-06-28 RootsMagic 7.5 continues with the RM6 database structure so there should be no conflict with prior scripts. Of course these scripts remain unaware of the unique Ancestry TreeShare values used in one or more tables. Further investigation will reveal what they are and the database documentation will be revised accordingly. See Ancestry TreeShare – Impact for discussion.

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Pages since RootsMagic 7 released

2018-07-31 Events – Add to all Children a Parent event shared with parents added
2018-07-22 GEDCOM & DnD transfer losses added
2018-07-13 File Question added (re: .DAT files in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\RootsMagicAMT)
2018-03-19 Migrating from Wikispaces added
2018-01-28 TreeShare – Link Pasted Ancestry Sources added
2017-12-27 AllCitations.sql Error added
2017-12-16 Possible Orphaned Records in the Event Table added
2017-12-13 Database is locked added
2017-12-12 Exporting Data added
2017-11-21 Query is taking a very, very long time added
2017-11-11 SQLite Expert Personal Edition Version (x64) problem added
2017-10-25 Where is this data? added
2017-10-18 Removing media from one person added
2017-10-17 Where is the data stashed added
2017-09-15 Alternate Names List added
2017-09-13 Query to Add Parents Events to RM Database added
2017-09-03 Identifying Events with Individual Sentence Customization added

2017-08-06 Database Design Spreadsheets added. Updated workbook to cover RM 7.5 and converted to Google Sheets.
2017-07-21 Ancestry TreeShare – Impact rev. Added: Disconnect but preserve Ancestry Sources links for next Upload
2017-07-09 Groups – Extract most everything for one to a new database added
2017-07-05 TreeShare – Rename Cryptic Filenames for Citation Media added
2017-07-01 Search – wayfinding from data tables to RootsMagic screens rev script for new table for TreeShare
2017-06-28 Ancestry TreeShare – Impact added; ongoing revs. TreeShare released in RM7.5 that day.
2017-04-20 Places – Count People and Events for a Group added
2017-04-19 Source Templates – Convert Builtins to Editable, Split, Import added
2017-04-19 Navigation Sidebar revised – removed Poll, added Nav widget and Tag Cloud
2017-04-17 A Sample Query Created with Views rev with addition of script Events-CitationsMissing-UsingViews.sql
2017-04-06 REMATCH to FamilySearch ID in REFN fact added
2017-03-30 Sources – Unreverse Author Names added
2017-03-21 Source List Query rev MasterSources.sql to show unused Master Sources
2017-02-27 Places – Delete Unused added.
2017-02-25 Names – married name in death sentences added. Adds or replaces custom local sentence to use husband’s surname..
2017-02-20 SpouseID Invalid added. Addresses cause of empty Family View symptom.
2017-02-11 Merge Duplicate Single Parent Couples added. Rev 2017-02-14 corrected bug
2017-02-11 Births – Add from Christening or Baptism added
2017-02-05 Names – Delete Duplicate Alternate Names of Type ‘Married’ added.
2017-01-03 Group – Population statistic added. Lists group names and number of people in named groups.
2016-11-20 WebTags – convert to Notes et al edited for ease-of-use, speed and reusabaility
2016-09-05 COPY FamilySearchID to REFN fact added. One use is to reliably match duplicate people for merging.
2016-08-18 A Sample Query Created with Views added. Demonstrates a modular approach to building a complex query.
2016-08-16 Reports, Narrative, Jerry Bryan Trick rev. Ver 2 reduces the instances of excessive white space, a collateral effect of the trick.
2016-08-12 Reports – New Paragraph for General Note added. Improved format for narrative reports.
2016-08-02 Quick Start for Dummies added. Know nothing about SQLite? Start here…
2016-07-30 Color Code by Consanguinity Degree added.
2016-07-29 Shared Events – Sort Witnesses by Consanguinity plus Name added. Sorts sharers of event by consanguinity, then by name.
2016-07-29 Relationships rev. Now calculates consanguinity degree.
2016-05-08 Events – Move Description to Note added. Moves the entire contents of event descriptions of a selected fact type to the Note for that event.
2016-05-08 Query – All Names in Tree added. Lists all those in the hourglass of the defined person’s tree.
2016-04-22 Source Templates – Merge Duplicates rev. to make insensitive to case and space character.
2016-04-05 Reports – Point Form Narratives Setup version 2.
2016-03-28 Maps – Geo-Pedigree, plotting your ancestors’ birth places started but aborted in favour of RootsMapper.com
2016-03-28 FTM import – restore Event description from Place Details added. Move the content from each event’s Place Detail to the event’s Description field.
2016-02-12 Statistics added. A start; reports the male and female having the maximum children total with all spouses.
2016-02-07 Media – Bulk Rename and Relink added. Converts structured media filenames to another structure and relinks them.
2016-02-04 Language other than English added. Demonstrates current limitations, working in French.
2016-02-01 Reports – Point Form Narratives Setup added. Makes the Narrative format less verbose, easier to scan.
2016-01-29 Maps – markers proportional to number of events added
2016-01-21 Relationships fast Kinship List added
2016-01-17 Facts – Split Shared to Individual edited: added version without RIN displayed
2016-01-16 RIN MRIN – add Reference Number fact to all persons added
2016-01-10 Spouse Order – Global Sort by Marriage or First-Birth SortDate added
2016-01-08 Source Citation Sort added
2016-01-07 Roles – Sort Alphabetically added
2015-12-31 Nickname Manipulations added
2015-12-19 Citations Invisible – Reveal and Revert added (of interest to migrants from FTM)
2015-11-24 Recursive Queries – Ancestors and Descendants rev (gender filter for genetic lines)
2015-10-18 Children – Set Lineage to Birth added (so RootsMagic ancestor reports follow birth lines)
2015-03-30 TMG to RootsMagic Migration added (index and summary of useful pages for the TMG emigre)
2015-02-16 Marriages, Length of added (answers how long each marriage lasted)
2015-01-25 Living Flag – Set Globally added (can correctly set/clear living flag without Death fact in most cases)
2015-01-23 Children – Needing Manual Arranging added (lists families in which one or more children lack Birth or Christen facts)
2015-01-22 Children – Set Order by Birth SortDate added (batch sorting of children in birth order)
2015-01-21 Places – Conversion of Place Details to Places added (for when you need to export to other software)
2015-01-05 SQLite Managers for Mac OS added
2014-12-11 Sources – Copy Repository Name, Address from Repository List added; rev 14 Dec.
2014-11-25 RootsMagic 7 added
Earlier queries – most work with RM7 databases; Most scripts since RM7 are applicable to RM6 but are less so with the older versions.