Advanced Search

There are two independent search indexes:

  • Pages and Blog Posts, via main search box
  • Forum, via its search box

Both are full text search indexes with one difference, the Forum cannot be searched for a hashtag while the main one can.


IN NATURAL LANGUAGE MODE is the default type of full-text search, and the keywords can be omitted. There are no special operators, and searches consist of one or more comma-separated keywords.

Searches are returned in descending order of relevance.


Boolean search permits the use of a number of special operators:

+The word is mandatory in all rows returned.
The word cannot appear in any row returned.
<The word that follows has a lower relevance than other words, although rows containing it will still match
>The word that follows has a higher relevance than other words.
()Used to group words into subexpressions.
~The word following contributes negatively to the relevance of the row (which is different to the ‘-‘ operator, which specifically excludes the word, or the ‘<‘ operator, which still causes the word to contribute positively to the relevance of the row.
*The wildcard, indicating zero or more characters. It can only appear at the end of a word.
Anything enclosed in the double quotes is taken as a whole (so you can match phrases, for example).

Searches are not returned in order of relevance, and nor does the 50% limit apply. Stopwords and word minimum and maximum lengths still apply as usual.

above extracted from MariaDB website