Group – Persons with Text Dates #date #namedgroup

  • Creates a Named Group in the open database with the name “SQL: Text Dates” if one does not already exist
  • Deletes all members from that named group
  • Populates that named group with persons having an event date that is backgrounded in yellow on the Edit Person screen, i.e., an invalid date format interpreted by RootsMagic as Text

To refresh the named group’s membership list to reflect corrections you have made to the format of event dates, rerun the query to regenerate the RootsMagic group table and then, in RootsMagic, select a different group and then re-select the “SQL: Text Dates” group. You should see that names have disappeared from the group, provided you have corrected all the text dates for the persons you worked on.

Voila! A Dynamic Group! Just a few clicks more than if RootsMagic had it built in.

2013-09-01 superseded PersonsWithTextDates.sql which was flawed and incomplete.
rev 2018-07-07 bug fixed when no other existing group

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