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  1. I was under the impression that the schema version was stored in the ConfigTable.
    Right at the top of the XML, there are 2 elements-
    in RM v7.6.5 they are
    Version = 6000
    STVersion = 700

    Looking at build 7.9.310, these values have not changed.
    I was hoping for a schema version that I could check in my Python scripts.
    Anyone have any information? Does RM change these upon actual release of a new version? Will RM support answer questions about these matters?
    Richard Otter

  2. Thanks for this. Am a non db person and need all the help I can get mapping how the db functions.
    For your next update, the Ancestry Table rmID value joins to the CitationLinkTable LinkID when LinkType=4. From what I have seen, there is no change to the RM7.5+ table relationships when LinkType = 0 or 11.
    Also, do you know if anyone is working on a RM8 update to the Data Definitions Spreadsheets ( https://sqlitetoolsforrootsmagic.com/Database-Design-Spreadsheets/ ) ? The Data Definitions Master is pretty much my bible.

  3. I am a dba and have been working with someone who has done extensive work with queries to the database. Now I’m trying to understand the database scheme and also work with advance queries. Looking at your diagram I do not understand which fields are used to link the citationlinktable with the citationtable.

    What I would like to do now is see all of the sources and all events related to a single citation. Without being able to use right joins I am at a loss as to how to do this. I also want to ensure that I have no orphaned citations.


    • Tom,
      Thanks for the reply. I’ve read these articles and understand how to link the citations table to the citationslinktable. What I don’t understand is how to link it to it to the events table, which is what I need. CitationID to CitationID is obvious but nothing matches anything in the events table.

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