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One query lists all the media files in the RM4 Media Gallery and the ID of the Person, Family, Event, Source, Citation or Place to which each is linked. Used in conjunction with other queries, one can look up the media item or find the details about the item to which the media are attached. For example, the Source List query indicates if there are media items attached to a citation. Given the citation ID from the Source List query, one can readily find all the media items with that OwnerID in the Media List query results. Conversely, a media item may be attached to multiple items – this query helps to find each one by reporting the type and ID of the objects to which it is attached.

SQLite managers have differing capabilities in manipulating the results. SQLite Expert Personal can display thumbnail images but wraps the text contents of cells and prints “<null>” in empty cells; it has useful filtering and sorting so its display can be cluttered or effective, depending on selections. SQLiteSpy does not display thumbnails nor filter nor wrap but sorts quickly and produces a very clean display. Both allow you to select just the columns you want displayed for a less crowded screen. From either one, results can be copied and pasted into Excel, enabling a hyperlink to the media file produced by the query.


MediaList.sql for RM4. MediaList-RM5.sql for RM5.



Screenshot from SQLite Expert Personal. Requires horizontal scrolling to see rest of columns. Narrowing causes row height to expand. De-selecting columns can simplify the display.


Screenshot from SQLiteSpy. No wrapping so narrowing columns does not affect row height but must select cell to view its full content. Deselecting columns can simplify the display.

Column Definitions


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