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I like this:

RMtrix has a magical element to it in the sound alike to “tricks” with an appropriate implication as to what the software does – it carries out tricks on the RootsMagic database. Also can work as an acronym: RM obviously, tools or tricks, repairs, information, experiments or an algebraic unknown variable, x, or extras or external.
Combines a Perpetua font for “RM” similar to the current RootsMagic font followed by “trix” in the PR Celtic Narrow font.


What do you think? Vote in the poll. I picked out 10, the limit for a free poll, vote for any three or your own suggestion. Other voted suggestions, so far, are RMAlchemy, RMelixir and RM Utilities. If you like any of those, type it into Other.

If the poll does not show up on this page, you can to it directly at http://poll.fm/3gvet .

We need a good project name. One that will stick for as long as the project lasts. It needs to be tie into RootsMagic and have some buzz, not mundane like “RMtools”, although that’s pretty self-explanatory. I’m big on spinning off from the magical part of RootsMagic and its author, the RootsMagician, having named my local interest group, “The RootsMagic Wizards Guild”. In that spirit, I came up with this list of ideas:

Project NameSome definitions below from: http://www.neatorama.com/2009/01/14/magic-words-a-dictionary/ , others from Wiktionary et al.
RMabbazabba!A (abba) to Z (zabba), the alpha and omega
RMexcelsior!Latin for ‘ever upward’
RMgaldorOld English form of Old Norse ‘galdr’ for ‘spell, incantation’, pl ‘galdrar’.
RMharrahya!likened to the shout of a martial artist delivering a knifehand strike, focusing power toward an amazing conclusion
RMinspiratumLatin for ‘inspired’
RMmatba!Found in 18th-century Kabbalistic treatises, matba is a magic word for obtaining small coins. It literally means “bring forth.”
RMvividumLatin for ‘alive, vigorous’

I rather like the way RMalakazam! rolls off the tongue with a little rhyme on the m’s; so does RMinspiratum, with a nice meaning. RMta-da! is succinct and punchy; also punchy is RMshazaam!

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