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Applications that use SQLite with the RM database or operate on RM’s inputs or outputs.

RMNOCASE – faking it in SQLite Expert, command-line shell et al #rmnocase

SQLite Expert now takes the lead as the most compatible with the RootsMagic RMNOCASE collation, thanks to the C extension unifuzz.dll authored or revised by Jean-Christophe Deschamps. Unifuzz can be used with other SQLite managers that support extensions, including the command-line shell sqlite3.exe but not, regrettably, SQLiteSpy. This is not simply a renamed equivalent of…

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SQLiteManagers #sqlitemanagers

SQLite Management Tools : a comprehensive table for multiple operating systems but not updated since 2011. The following table describes a few tried by one member of this wiki. The page SQLite Managers for Mac OS looks into some for the Mac. Win Mac Product Review Rating TomH Y N SQLite Expert Personal Free subset…

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RootsMagic 7

RootsMagic 7 was released on 25 Nov 2014. It will take some time to answer the following questions: Which SQLite scripts on this wiki need to be revised? Identifying changes in the database design will trigger areas to investigate. Which ones can be retired? Requires comparing the functional capabilities of RootsMagic 7 to those of…

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