Bundled Utilities Project

As of 2012 and following the release of RootsMagic 5, a small team of enthusiasts is embarking on a software project to consolidate the various SQLite queries reported on this wiki into a user-friendly application, accessible to more RootsMagic users. Additional utilities will, hopefully, be added once the basics are running. The project team is ad hoc, led by Steve Turley, and welcomes your input.

This page provides links to the various pages of discussion, examples, etc. return frequently to monitor progress.

RootsMagic Utilities at http://rmutils.wordpress.com/ the plain language blog and navigation hub for the project set up by LessTX. (Gone)

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Bundled Utilities – RMtrix Tom Holden’s 1st gen RMtrix app in Visual C#.
WebTrees Website – Pre-Processing Tools using SQLite in Visual Basic et al Tom Davis’ RMSanity app in Visual Basic
SplitTree Steve’s first utility, developed in Visual C#, that got the ball rolling
Which Platform for RootsMagic Utilities? discussion that settled on continuing with Visual C# for prototyping; other matters.
Bundled Utilities Project Name suggestions and a poll. Get your 2 cents in!
Bundled Utilities – Groupings suggested groupings of utilities/functions under a menu structure; ongoing.
Bundled Utilities – Example content a look at TMG Utiltiy and Ltools for ideas of what to include and how to structure the program
A Proposal for a Named Group and Color Manager – a standalone utility offering major enhancements to these functions, being developed by Jerry Bryan, bundling later.
Wish List – post your wishes for utilities as a message in the Discussion area of this page

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The Public Face of the Project

20 January 2012 17:03:01

This site is working fine as the development hub, but of course we’ll need a public face to promote and distribute the product, and to gain a larger alpha/beta test group etc.

I’m thinking website/blog, FB and G+ pages, and twitter account.

Some permission and or clearance should be gained from RMHQ with regard to using the RM name, perhaps a modified version of the logo (with a hammer overlay or somesuch), appropriate disclaimers, linkbacks, etc.

Has anyone talked with RM/Bruce about this project?


24 January 2012 02:46:18

Sounds like the right things to do – maybe a little early at this point.

I’ve had email contact with Bruce – no formal request for permission but keeping him informed. No objection other than Tech Support cannot support a user who modifies the database. In the blog leading up to RM4, they talk about their open source database. And he has indicated to me that he would consider offering a SDK when RM was stable.

My other concern has to do with the RMNOCASE collation which Bruce has declined to release to me because of outstanding bugs. It’s proprietary and there is some risk if we do not use exactly the same. Steve has allayed my concern somewhat with his report on his fake RMNOCASE (seems better than my SQLiteSpy extension) and may have more to say on that point.


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