TMG-RM Convert TMG_ID to Reference Number #tmg #refno

RootsMagic imports the TMG_ID into a custom fact type TMG_ID. This fact type cannot be displayed after the name of the person. Some users
would prefer that it did, either by having it as RIN or by a new feature specifically for TMG. (See also TMG-RM Convert TMG_ID to Record Number)

This procedure makes a clone of the TMG_ID as a Reference # fact which can optionally be displayed after the name. The virtue of both the TMG_ID custom fact and the Reference Number fact is that they are non-volatile when transferred or imported into other databases, unlike RIN.

Because multiple REF# facts are allowed for each person, only the REF# with the lowest record number in the EventTable is displayed. Therefore the procedure also relocates pre-existing REF# facts to the end of the table.

N.B. Be sure to close the database from RM before running this procedure
Otherwise, for some arcane reason, adding most any fact edits one of these new REF# facts, until the database has been closed and reopened.
Probably, some last record number register in the program has to be updated.

Sample project imported from TMG after running SQLite procedure. TMG_ID now displayed on the main screen via option to use Reference Number after the name for displays and reports. The Sidebar only shows RIN or no suffix.


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