TMG-RM Check for False Spousal Event Sentences #tmg

TMG has dual Principal, non-spousal events that RM does not support. Direct import converts these events to Individual type and variables of
Spousal type may get through, i.e., [Spouse], [Husband], [Wife], which are invalid for a RM Indiv event. The name of the variable is outputted instead of nothing when it is unrecognised for a type of event.

This query finds occurrences of these spousal name variables in the Sentence fields of the FactTypeTable, EventTable, RoleTable and WitnessTable. With the name of the table and its ROWID, one could edit the sentence directly from the SQLite manager. The Name of the record where the sentence is defined and the Where value will help find the sentence using RootsMagic to edit and inspect results of changes.


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