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RootsMagic 4-7 Database Design

You will need to know a little about the RootsMagic database to design your own queries and modify others to suit your needs.

Entity Relationship Diagram for RootsMagic v7.5+ by Bill Girimonti, forum 2019-09-21
File Types installed and created by RootsMagic 4+
each .rmgc database file Table Summaries role of each table in the database
Database System Catalog tables and indexes along with SQL commands for their creation
Data Definitions field names and types, indexes, and keys from above in tabular form, expanded with typical values and notes on each field
Fact Types content of fresh facttypetable
Role Types content of fresh witnesstable
RootsMagic.st Source Templates external file that defines built-in Citation Source templates in sourcetemplatetable
databasename.DUP Duplicate Search Merge Database temporary database with same filename as .rmgc file, created during Duplicate Search Merge

Roots Magic 8 Database – Database Diagram

Database Documents

Version Monitoring: RM4 RM5 RM6
Database System Catalog: RM4 RM5 RM6
The following contain all versions, more or less.
Table Summaries
Data Definitions
Fact Types
Role Types
Source Templates
ConfigTable RecID 1
Duplicate Search Merge Database
Most of the spreadsheets used in the above pages are from the workbook: Database Design Spreadsheets. Refer to to it for latest updates.

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