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Depopulate but keep Customs, Places, Sources #database #places #placedetails #sourcetemplates #sources #facttypes #custom #media #roles

This script deprecated in favour of Database – Copy Master Lists to Shell (2014-10-13). Makes an empty Master from current database, preserving custom fact types and source templates, Places, Master Sources and associated Repositories and Addresses, and Place/Source Media. Written for RM4 with instructions to edit for RM5. CustomDatabaseShell.sql There are two ways to do…

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TMG-RM Fact Sentence Tweaks #tmg #facttypes #roles #events #sharedevent

After importing a TMG project, there is considerable cleanup to be done in the resulting RootsMagic database. There are differences in their respective sentence template languages that cannot translate well or could be translated better (improvement possible in the direct import process). This script addresses some of these outcomes and some unwanted artifacts that could…

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Role Types #datadefinitions #roles

RootsMagic 4+ Built-In Roles The built-in roles for RM4 and later can be found in RoleTable with RoleID up through 58. User-defined/custom types are assigned values of 59 and higher by the program when created. Built-in roles and their unedited values within the table are as follows: RoleID RoleName EventType RoleType Sentence 1 Witness 1…

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