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Wikispaces terminated free subscriptions for non-education wikis on Oct 15, 2014. SQliteToolsforRootsMagic would have ended 30 days later unless we started paying Wikispaces $5/30days or $50/yr or migrate it to some other free hosting service. I could not imagine the work involved in transferring, unable to find any equivalent, free host. I asked if you were willing to contribute to keep it going here – 10 people x $5/person = one year. Several members responded generously to the call and a subscription has been purchased through to Nov 12, 2016 – details in the spreadsheet below.

Thank you, donors!


On Oct 14, 2014, a PayPal donation button was added to the site and subscription taken for US$5 payments every 30 days via PayPal starting Nov 13, at the end of the free trial period. A spreadsheet to track donations and expenses was also added. On Oct 23, 2014 the Balance exceeded $50 and a one-year subscription was purchased. We can pre-purchase additional 12 month blocks if the balance permits or else revert to recurring payments until it does.With a balance of almost $50 on Oct 24, it seemed timely to close off the fundraising, and purchase another year. That’s done and fundraising for the next subscription period will reopen in October 2016.

What do we get for $5/mo in addition to continuing the wiki?

  • Storage capacity of 2GB instead of 0.5 GB. We currently use 0.1GB so we are still far from the Free limit.

What do you think we should do?

I am not an expert on this type of thing so have no idea as to whether free, easy to migrate to, alternatives exist. I am happy to be one of the “10” to help keep this site running; it is very useful.. MVS.

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